> hotlines, websites & anonymity <

"check point" website provides you correct websites for mental health resources in your country. here's a link to a list of websites you might need:


if you can, please do reach out to your loved ones. will it be friends or family. i understand it may be hard, but we must cross that barrier for a better life.

if you are still unsure about reaching out, you can anonymously do so using one of the websites or apps, listed at the link below :


> words from the past <

i remember being in grey.

people often say that they're feeling grey. once a week, maybe a month. lucky ones, maybe once a year. but what about when you're feeling grey every day? every waking hour you're lost and afraid.

you have all the time in the world, why aren't you moving?

let me try to answer that by my own experience.

grey moments and once colorful days.

grey moments don't warn anyone. they only bring emptyness, sadness and regret. grey moments bring insecurities, irrational fears and they take away energy you might now even have.

you might have been called "a gifted child", "a prodigy", "the most diligent child", "the better sibling", etc. you were made to believe you were this and that, so now, why can't you fit into a label you have had for your whole life?

why can't you paint, write, play piano anymore? why don't you have motivaiton to read? why can't you communicate well?

that's because, this isn't your domain. don't hold yourself to the impossible, because the amount of stadards equal the amount of people that are alive. you shouldn't compare yourself do someone, because you're not them and you will never be.

and so what if you play that piano with tears in your eyes? what if you paint that painting with shaky hands and destroyed mind? what if you write that poem with bitterness choking you?

who will accomplish this for? because this isn't for you. this isn't you. no one can be like you. you define you, no one else.

doesn'y matter what others label you, instead ask, who am i?

the journey of finding the answer to that question will help you to do so. you will find the answer, today, tomorrow, next week, next decade. you will find it, because it waits for you patiently.

your answer awaits you patiently, so isn't it fair you look for it with a smile and a happy heart, then look for a way to fit into a label that frowns at you every waking moment?

grey moments are okay. grey moments will make us appreciate the colorful ones that are yet to come.

the only thing that matters is how we color those grey moments, that we don't give up. please look for your answer, don't leave it alone, it waits for you <3.